General FAQs

Q: How can I prepare for an in-home infant/child session?
A: Since I am a natural light photographer it would be best to clear away any pieces of furniture from the biggest window or glass door in your house. I will shoot all over your house, living room, dining room, nursery, and your bedroom. If weather permits we will go outdoors for some shots also. Have older babies and children fed and well rested (right after a nap is normally the best time to schedule your session). For newborns I will email you an information shoot shortly before our shoot.

Q: What is the best age to photograph my newborn?
A: The ideal age to photograph a newborn is between 5-7 days old, but I consider a newborn shoot any baby under 2 weeks old. You can book as far in advance as you like, we will work together around your due date to make sure we get the shoot in in that time frame.

Q: Do you shoot digital or film?
A: I shoot with all professional Canon digital equipment. I also bring all my back up equipment.

Q: How do I book a date for my portraits?
A: For portraits I book on a first come first serve basis, your session fee and contract are due upon booking. *Please note: Scheduled date is NOT guaranteed until contract & session fee are received. If contract & deposit aren’t received within 5 days of agreed date, client forfeits their date.*

Q: How do I book my wedding day?
A: First, please take the time to look through all my galleries to make sure you like my style and think we are a good match. I can also send you a password to view an entire wedding online. After that we will set up a time to meet and talk more to go over your vision of your wedding day. To book your wedding date I require a signed contract and $300 deposit, sorry, I cannot reserve your wedding date through email or phone.

Q: Do you travel?
A: Of course! Mileage charges may apply, please email for more information.

Q: When will I receive my pictures?
A: You will receive your link to download your images 2-3 weeks after our portrait session. You will receive your flash drive 5-6 weeks after your wedding.

Q: Do you have a studio?
A: Yes! You can read all about it here.

Newborn FAQs

Q: What is your style for newborn photography?
A. Clean, simple and soft. I approach each newborn session with a mixture of lifestyle type shots and casually posed shots. I like to keep the colors natural, tans, creams, whites, yellows, soft pinks and purples, grays and blues are my favorites. My props are kept to a minimum, I want the baby to shine the most in the pictures. You will not find elaborate set-ups or a crazy amount of hats or clutter in my newborn galleries. I’m also a big believer in following the baby’s cues during my newborn sessions, if they aren’t liking a certain pose or if they fight me at all to be put on their tummy then I will skip that pose and move onto the next one. I also use all natural window light, no lighting equipment will be used.

Q. Do you allow family and/or sibling pictures during a newborn session?
A. Of course! I love including Mom and Dad and big brother or sister in the pictures. I suggest having big brother or sister come later into the session, towards the end works well. Then they don’t have to sit in a hot studio for 1.5+ hours :).

Q. Do you provide the props?
A. I have a large array of props in my prop closet, including lots of baskets and crates, blankets galore, wraps, and a couple different floor drops. All of my props are natural colors, earth tones, whites, grays, etc the same with my blankets. I have a collection of headbands for little girls and some diaper covers/shorts as well. I have a small assortment of hats for boys and girls but I’m more of a non-hat user so the baby can be the focus of the picture. I do encourage my clients to bring something they’d like incorporated into the photos, a special family heirloom blanket, homemade hat, etc. Please make sure this is the style you are looking for in newborn pictures before booking.

Q. Do you do in-home newborn sessions?
A. If your house a good amount of natural light, I do! And these are one of my favorite types of sessions, these will be done all lifestyle (while I prefer lifestyle sessions for newborn on-location sessions, I do offer to bring all my props with for a $75 fee) The session will be in different areas of your house that gets the best natural light, baby’s nursery, living room, parents or siblings bedrooms. There isn’t a lot of rules for these types of shoots, I like them to be very laid back, natural and full of true emotions.

Q. How long does a session last?
A. Every newborn is different, some just need to eat once and they are set to go for the rest of the session others need more snacks through out the session. Expect your session to last anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours.

Q. Do you offer packages that include a newborn session?
A. I do! I have a “create your own” package where you choose 3 ages that you’d like sessions to take place (the most popular ages are newborn, 6 months and 1 year). I also have a “belly & baby” package, which includes a maternity session around 32 to 36 weeks and a newborn session.

Q. How do I go about booking a newborn session?
A. It’s best to book your newborn session 2+ months before your due date, I try to accommodate last minute bookings but my schedule doesn’t always allow me. We will schedule your session for about a week after your due date. A signed contract and session fee is due before our session date.