2019 Change | Gruman Photography Announcements

Wow! Did 2018 fly by or what!? I’m excited to dive into another fantastic year with my clients!

The biggest change coming to Gruman Photography is for studio newborn sessions, I will no longer be offering extensive posing or any sets up/posing on the big bean bag. I will still use cute baskets and buckets, wraps and layering of textures but it will all be more relaxed. I love newborns, I love how they smell and their tiny fingers and toes,  how it brings me right back to when my three kids were brand new and fresh, but I feel a strong urge to go in the direction of more relaxed, lifestyle newborn sessions. I love in-home newborn lifestyle sessions but can fully recognize not everyone is comfortable with those types of newborn sessions which is why I’ll always offer studio newborn sessions, they will just be more relaxed, less posing and less time spent trying to get them very sleepy.

I’ve included some images below from my kids mini Christmas card shoot, that I shot 2 weeks before Christmas just before school started for the day, even with my own kids sometimes I get the best shots working under pressure and with only a few minutes to get it done! I have a whole line up of blog posts coming in the winter months from some of the wonderful sessions I had last year that I can’t wait to post. Cheers to 2019!