Gruman Photography Updates

Hello to my lovely and loyal Gruman Photography friends, fans, clients and potential clients! I’m in the middle of a brand refresh and website rebuild (exciting right!?), which means moving domains and subdomains and hosting and all kinds of other stuff that I don’t fully understand! Thankfully I have a very knowledgeable web design expert I’m working with through all this and she’s working very hard to get everything switched over. But with all things technological there are hiccups and transfers that take longer, dealing with old websites and new websites and such so my email had been disrupted this week. It should be up and running now, but if you have emailed me this week and you never heard back from me PLEASE reach out to me again at If that doesn’t seem to work or it tells you the email was undeliverable you can also reach out to me at the Gruman Photography Facebook Page.
I apologize for the inconvenience or if you think I’m ignoring you by not responding to your email, I promise I’m not. I’d never do that to you!
And because I’m having email issues right when the 2017 returning clients special expires (from the postcard!) I’m extending the offer to Monday March 5th, so let’s get your 2018 session in the books (plus you may find that session fees have recently been reduced!)
And because no blog post is complete without an image or two here are a few shots from this really awesome family last year