Gruman Kids | Gruman Photography

Can I speak some truth? As our kids get older we start to take less pictures of them, I know first hand. It’s A LOT of work to get our kids cleaned up and out the door for pictures (usually 1 out of 3 whining about how they HAAATE doing pictures). And don’t even get me started on trying to find time, between school, summer activities, family functions, vacations, etc it’s hard to find time for a photo shoot!

But I also need to talk about how FUN and important it is to photograph our kids as they get past that adorable toddler stage. I really get to see what kind of person they are growing into and, I promise I’m not just saying this, I enjoy it! I love seeing your kids personalities blossom, especially if I started out photographing them as brand new squishy babies! I love learning about their interests, what sports they are into, favorite books, least favorite subject in school, all of it! I also enjoy seeing the bonds grow between siblings, no matter how much they fight I get to capture that in between time where they are having fun with each other and have totally forgotten that one of them tattled on the other just a few hours before.

So for now enjoy these photos of my kiddos, who really didn’t want to do pictures while on vacation and really I didn’t want to either, but I’m so glad I did! And if you’re thinking about booking a session for your older children, let’s get something on the calendar!