We recently returned from an amazing trip to California, my lovely Mother in law lives out there for 3 months out of the year so she flies us out every year to visit, relax and have lots of fun. This was the first year however I planned an official shoot for my girls.

It started with me turning 30 a couple of weeks ago, my Mother in law lives in Palm Desert so this year to celebrate my big birthday we took a side trip to San Diego for a little trip to the zoo and also to photograph my girls on the beach. After our trip to the San Diego Zoo we stayed at a beautiful resort, Paradise Point, in Mission Bay. It was so wonderful except one little hiccup, the girls suitcase was forgotten back in Palm Desert which had their clothes for the shoot in :). So after a late night trip to Target they had new outfits to wear for their shoot. The following morning I shot them first in the Bay, then we made our way over to The Hotel Del, which was just amazing. I instantly fell in love with the West Coast.  The beach there is exactly what I pictured for our shoot.

Since I had not used the original outfits I decided when we got back to also shoot them in the Desert. While all of this spurred out of me wanting some great shots of the girls it was also a wonderful learning experience, playing with different lighting (the sun is a bit more harsh in the Desert, that’s for sure), trying out different angles and really just teaching myself to sit back and relax a bit, let the pictures happen more naturally rather then trying to pose and direct them.

I’m in love with the results and can’t wait to apply some of the things I learned out there to my shoots here! This post is very picture heavy, I understand if you need to stop mid-post and grab a snack 😉

(Headbands by the very talented Birdie Baby Boutique)