Email hacked

*UPDATE #2* As of this afternoon on t 4/28 nobody is receiving my emails, I have contacted my website company and I’m setting up a new email through them. I’ll let everybody know the email address as soon as it’s all set! Thank  you!

*UPDATE 4/28/11* Yahoo was able to restore all my emails, but now it seems people are not getting my responses to emails. If you have emailed me in the past 48 hours, I have emailed you back but if you didn’t get it please email me again! Sorry for the inconvenience!

PLEASE ignore an email sent from my account on April 26th saying I’m in London and needed money, that email is NOT from me. My account was hacked, and not only did they hack my account they also deleted all my contacts and emails so I have no way of letting people know of the problem! I am SO sorry for the inconvenience!