Michelle, Brian and kids

Ok I always get just a little bit nervous when I shoot at a new location (I think a lot of photographers do!). Even if the location is my childhood home where I spent the first 18 years of my life! Fellow photographer friend Michelle Sauer contacted me awhile back to do some updated family pictures, we got rained out the first scheduled day and with her being a photographer as well she knew just how worth it was to wait for that beautiful early evening light and boy was it worth it. I’ve been wanting to suggest my Moms house to clients for a while, but to be perfectly honest it sounds kind of weird when I say, “Hey lets shoot at my Moms house!” 🙂  But I knew Michelle would understand and trust me without much convincing. I’m so glad she was brave enough to be my guinea pig for this location! We were going for more candid, “real” family pictures, laughing, lounging, just being a happy family, pictures. I think I caught just that, thank you Michelle for coming out and braving the bugs and long grass! 🙂

I love the look on Brian’s face here, it’s a combo of love for his three kids and little bit of “help me” too!