Hello, I'm Sally Gruman. Owner of Gruman Photography. Simply put I love what I do, photography is my passion. My approach to photography is much like my approach to each aspect of my life, fun & fresh with a dash of sarcasm and awkwardness. I like to keep things real. Back when I started this adventure in 2007 I had no idea how far it would take me and the amazing people I would meet over the years. It's no exaggeration how excited I am to work with you when you see all those exclamation marks in my emails.


A bit about my little family, Alex, my husband is my rock, my sidekick, my voice of reason and he chuckles at my dry sense of humor so I'm going to keep him around. Our children Gwen, Elsa & Lincoln (he's the one with the famous hair) are the light of our lives and keep me on my toes. You will likely hear stories of their antics, and how impossibly different they are from each during our session. We also have one not-so-bright Lab named Odin and a cat named FN-2187, bonus points for you if you know where his name comes from.


When I'm not behind the camera you'll find me outside, hiking, gardening, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, horseback riding, you name it I'll try it. Me and my girls are active in Girl Scouts and as a family we love visiting MNHS historic sites. My current goals and aspirations are planning some solo hikes through the Superior Hiking Trail & Joshua Tree, getting back to rock climbing after a hip surgery in late 2017 and participating in the Nookie Challenge at The Nook restaurant in St. Paul, don't let my size fool you. If you think we could rock out an awesomely fun photoshoot contact me today!


The Gruman Photography studio is located in N.E. Minneapolis, in the Thorp Building off Central Ave. NE.

The natural light studio boasts a (free) parking lot, restrooms, and ample room for shooting. Located on the main floor with a giant window that lets in an amazing amount of beautiful light, with white brick and distressed wood floors it’s makes a lovely background for your photo session.

If you think we could rock out an awesomely fun photoshoot contact me today!