The H Family | Gruman Photography Family Session

I have consumed enough caffeine in the past week to keep a small army of Moms awake for a good week, maybe even two. The last week (who am I kidding, the last MONTH) of school is always such a whirlwind of excitement, field trips, performances, projects due, open houses and did I mention the off-the-wall-crazy-ness of three kids? No? Refer back to the first sentence of this paragraph to see how I’m coping. I’m also writing this blog post with a lovely, magical face mask on in attempt to look semi-put together and not quite so tired at all these events, it really doesn’t work that well the dark circles under my eyes are a permanent fashion statement for me.

Summer also marks the beginning of busy season for Gruman Photography! And while I love my kids and all the stuff that comes with them work keeps me grounded, I love escaping to work and seeing some of my favorite people outside of my family and making some fun and beautiful pictures. Such as this fantastic family! I always enjoy seeing this family and those two adorable boys are so fun!

So, CHEERS, to a wonderful summer, may the odds be ever in your favor…..