Gwen | Minneapolis Minnesota Child Photographer

I’ll admit. The first two years of photographing my eldest daughter were kind of a nightmare, especially at age 2. I remember coming home from photographing her two year old pictures and telling my husband I’m never photographing her again. Ha! (My daughter gets all her dramatics from me 🙂 ). Needless to say I didn’t stop photographing her and suddenly at age 3 she wanted to photographed, loving the camera and just being an all out ham. This time around, her 4 year old pictures, were a breeze! She was so much fun! Plus it was a nice little outing with just me and her, which we don’t get too many of once little sister came around.

She’s one of my three biggest loves, she’s amazing, smart, determined, strong, polite, a “mother” to other kids, loves school and any art project you throw at her. I’m so proud to see the young lady she is turning into. I’m so lucky to call her mine.