Jeff & April (again)

It rained on Jeff & April’s wedding day, and I’m not talking a few drops of rain here, with peaks of sunshine. I’m talking downpour all day, but April & Jeff still rocked it and we got some amazing shots on their wedding day. At their wedding we talked about doing another shoot this fall (when it was not raining), so we could spend more time on this photographers dream farm owned by April’s family. I’m SO glad we did it, the day was amazing, relaxed and pressure free. We started shooting at about 5:45, I knew exactly what kind of light I wanted and knew that was the time to get it.

This shoot was part bridal, part “trash the dress”, part fun, and part business. The business part began about a month or two before our shoot. My Mom has been working with flowers and plants for pretty much as long as I can remember (I believe it’s something like 18 years). The main part of her business is interior plantscaping, meaning she goes to businesses around the twin cities and maintains their indoor plants. But she’s always loved creating beautiful pieces for weddings. This is where the business part enters, I offered to help my Mom build her website if she created some bouquets for April and Jeff’s re-shoot. So not only did I get two absolutely beautiful (inside & out!) people to shoot I also got some gorgeous flowers to use as well! Thanks Mom! 🙂

So now that I’ve rambled on and on, here is April & Jeff’s beautiful re-shoot.

Flowers by Ivy Rose Design – (website in the making 🙂 )